This comes from Dan Vaughan of South Boston, VA:

This dog is awesome, he has a great temperament. He is getting big fast and has plenty of drive! I am looking forward to doing weight pull, bite work or maybe catch work (Heck maybe all three). I am more than pleased with my purchase, thanks Cornerstone!!!

Here is Kahn as a pup.  He is pictured below.

Here is an updated pictures of this beautiful animal you breed.                                  

A. Souza Jr. - Hawaii

This was submitted by Gary Vint of Ft. Lauderdale, FL:

Just wanted to "Thank you" again. Tyson settled in well last night. He played with the other dogs for about  3 hours !!! It was a late night. He does have a wonderful  temperament and bonded with me very well. I took him for a walk late last night and he wouldn't leave my side. He is fiesty and wouldn't let the Great Dane bully him at all - he gave as good as he got when they were playing.  I know it is going to be a pleasure having him and I'm absolutely delighted with my choice. I'll send you photographs to show his development.

This was sent to us by Vickie Carpenter from San Antonio, TX:

I just had to send you a note to let you know how much we love our "Sweet Pea".  She is absolutely the most wonderful and beautiful dog that we could ever hope for.  She has such a sweetly expressive face, thus our choice for her name.  Sweet Pea is territorial enough to keep all unwanted animals out of her area at only four months old ,yet she gets along famously with our other pets.  She is very devoted and protective of our family already. Sweet Pea is a beautiful, healthy and superb American Bulldog!!  Thanks so much.

This is from Adrian in Florida:

Thank you Cornerstone for my awesome pup. He is a smart little guy and is potty training quickly.

Ron and Caroline,
"Littlebit" or better known as  Scooby Dee in our family has  been with us for 6 years now.  Scooby Dee is the reason why I met my wife and a best friend to my 1 and half year old son.  Although she is 6, there is no sign of slowing down.  She loves to run and play and loves our evening walks.  Here is a picture of Scooby Dee (Littlebit) today.

 Rick Mullaney

This is from Eric in East Texas. This picture was taken of his dog "Brok" at approximately 6 months of age. His parents are Percival & Semamib.

Ron,  Thanks for selling me Brok. He's awesome. I couldn't imagine a better AB. I appreciate you and your wife's kindness. I recommend your dogs to everyone. They are truly top notch.I will be updating you with pictures. Brok is truly athletic, strong and has a drive that's amazing. I know its no surprise to you since you already told me he would be. Again, Thanks & God Bless.      Eric 

This is Chopper & he lives in North Dakota...

Hi Ron, Just thougt you might  be interested in knowing that the Pup you sent to me in is doing great! At 10 months old he is right at 100lbs.  I have been working with him with a local certified trainer, he has just  finished obedience, and we  have decided to try him doing some protection/bite work in the near future.  Also going to try him on catching some calves this spring.  He has a great temperment, very mellow, a  bit bullheaded sometimes (of course), but overall great.  Here a few pics of him spread  over the last yr.  I will try to get some action shots of him sent to you sometime. Thanks for the great dog.      Justin Hellickson

Here is Chopper again... showing alittle personality!!!

Below is Tess.  She is owned by the Derscha family in Michigan.  We have recieved alot of great feedback on her.

"Tess is the best dog I have ever owned.  She is extremely smart, eager to please and loved by all she comes  into contact with.  I could not have dreamed of owning a better dog" ~ K. Derscha

This is Lady.  She is owned by the Hall family in Texas. This is the latest feedback sent on 3/31/09. Lady is about 1 year old in this picture.  

Lady is doing very well.  She continues to gain more confidence with each day.  We took her to visit family last weekend.  This was a big test because tha  included 3 other dogs she had not met and many new people faces.  She did wonderfully.  She warmed up to the new dogs quickly.  She submitted to the largest male dog (standard size Snauzer).  As she matures I hope she puts him in his place.  I do not want her to be aggressive nor do I want her to put up with any BS.  That is a fine line in training as I'm sure you know.  We recently went fishing at a pond here on the ranch and some cattle came down for water.  The Brangus females on the ranch have a tendency to show aggressiveness toward dogs.  They test their wit.  A mama cow did her best to run us off the beach but Lady would have no part of it.  She sprung into action and refused to leave her post guarding our three children.  She charged at the cattle until they retreatedbut the best part of all is she didn't chase them, she ran back to her post.  It was a true testament of what I believe a guardian dog should do.  Being a catch dog she showed her bred in discipline to come back when I whistled even as the "prey" ran.  Matter of fact Lady comes to my or my wife's call alwaysat a full run.  I can't tell you how refreshing that is. Lady has a good life.  She stays inside with us, sleeps inside but accompanies us at all times when we are outside or going to town.  She loves going to the ponds and splashing and running. We are very pleased with Lady.  She only barks when she should.  Sorry for the long email but I really enjoy talking about my Cornerstone AB.    God Bless.  Bryan

I wanted to send you a picture of Bella.  We picked her up last year. Were from Wichita Falls , Tx.  She is a great dog.  I have always been a big fan of Labs but since we got Bella I have changed my mind.  This breed is so smart. She loves us so much and when she wants attention you sure know it.  She just wants love sometimes.  Dont know what we would do without her.                                        ~ Mike & Tami

This is Briley. She lives with the Lancaster family in Florida. She is pictured below :

This is Briley.  She lives with her family in FL.  Here is what her owners had to say about her...  "Briley is the most wonderful, gently & caring dog I have ever owned.  She thinks she is a lap dog and she looks just like her daddy.  We always get compliments on how beautiful she is. She is very smart too. She knows how to shake with both paws, will wait till we ask for the right or left and switch between the two depending on which we ask for. She plays ball as well. We just wanted to let you know how very pleased we are with this wonderful dog.  ~ The Lancaster Family

Here is Krypto... He is owned by a family here in TX.  Here is what the McDaniel family had to say about their pup... "Krypto is now 8 1/2 month's old and is weighing in at 86 lbs. He knows 12 commands in German and he is very athletic.  Thanks for the great dog.

Hello Cornerstone Bulldogs,
Here are a couple of pics so you can see how beautifully he turned out to be. He is everything I dreamed of and so much more! He is very smart and turning out to be quite the watch dog! Dad hates dogs in the house, but he loves Rosco so much that he lets him stay in the house anyway. It helps to that Rosco respects his boundaries and is very well behaved. My dad has been working with him in training and dad enjoys it because Rosco picks up so quickly on everything. Because of his ability to learn and his almost human demeanor, I brought up the idea to my dad to maybe try and train a bull dog as a service dog. My mom has an eye condition where she is gradually going blind and I thought it would be great for her to have a service dog. So that may be a project in the future because of course I would have to get my mom her own dog:) Any how, the conformation on Rosco is gorgeouse. He is starting to fill out more.  I absolutely love his eyes especially his blue one. It's a cosmetic flaw but I wouldn't change it for anything and to me it makes him special. I do get alot of complements on his eyes. Many people have said that his look is almost like human in his eyes. The baby (3) plays with Rosco all day long and he follows her everywhere. She pretends he's her horse and he lets her sit on him and drag him everywhere which is another thing that makes him so great. Not many dogs would tolerate all that. I could probaly brag on forever about him and I love him so much.  ~ Jen, Rosco, and family in Michigan

This "Feedback" comes from Mr. Diaz, in Burbank, CA                          

In December of 2005 I purchased Brutus from you, he's a wholesome 110 lbs now..  Brutus has a heart of a lion, and my partner for life!!!!! Thank you guys!!!!

This is Hank. He is by far, hands down the best dog we have ever owned! He is loved by our local vet, won over on neighbors, and is a welcome guest at Safe Harbor Boarding and Kennels in Bashor KS.  Safe Harbor even gives Hank special privileges while there such as "couch" time. He is a fierce family protector, but loyal and loving to all we welcome into our home. We have decided we will always have American
Bulldogs and when we are ready for another one, we will be in touch with your organization. Thank you.

Rachel Caylor

Kiera has been a blessing to us thank you very much for her we love her...
sires name- Powell's Percival / Dams name-Semanib dot's de Bullyof C.S.

Here's Little Rue.  He is out of the late Ruwach & Semamib de' Bully.  Below is a pict of Little Rue at about 24 month's old, along with feedback from his owner.

Rue is an amazing animal, he's very smart and is a quick learner. He's very well behaved, very curious, and loyal. I don't think I could ask for a better dog. Thank you very much!

Here's Iggy.  Thanks for such a great dog.  He's great with the kid's and all around, just a great dog & family protector.

Ron & Caroline,
We just wanted to update you on diesel. He is incredible and everything we could have ever wanted from an American Bulldog/Family pet. He is an incredibly quick learner. At 11 weeks old he knows how to sit, lay down and come. We go on walks every night, which he loves to do and is great on the leash. We will send more pics as he grows which is Happening so quickly. He and our son have grown quite fond of one another and spend most evenings running through the house or crashed out on the floor. He gets along with absolutely everyone he meets and loves to play with other dogs. Again, thanks Cornerstone for the great dog!


Nick, Aubree & Koen

Hey Ron and Caroline,

Emma Jean is doing great, she has definitely been a great addition to our
family.  Emma loves to go running, swim in the pool and play with the kids.
She has also been great with our other animals, both cats and dogs.  Thanks for letting her become a part of our family.

Roy Wall

Roy has been growing like a weed, not surprised, and has been soo great.  He has turned out to be much smarter than I would have ever thought, and extremely well behaved.  He is a big time groupie and won't even go out of the front door of the house unless you go with him.  I have had to travel around quite a bit in the past few months and I have taken him with me everywhere I have gone, He's a great traveler.  I could sit here and brag about this dog all day but I'm sure you have heard a lot of the same to other people who have purchased dogs from you.

Sam Sledge

This is Phoenix. He is almost 2 years old. He is a terrific dog, great with kids, very protective. He has a great temperament and I am very happy with my Cornerstone Bulldog. Thanks!!!

Here is Bennie. She lives in Alaska. Her owner has posted a video for us to enjoy...   Bennie is about 4 months old in the picture and about 6 months old on the YouTube video.

Here is a note I got from Bennie's owner at almost 2 years old:
Bennie's at 71lbs & an awesome dog. She's quite the superstar @ the dog park & probably the fastest dog there as well. She can outrun most any other dogs. Super social & happy. Every once in a while she gets protective & weary of certain strangers, but it seems to be 1/100. She did really well this fall when we had a bear encounter. She stood ground and ran it off, which was awesome!

Here is our pup that went to live in Australia:
Its been a while since we last spoke, however I wanted to send you a recent photo of Winston. As expected he has turned into a very good looking guy and is starting to fill out. He is well mannered and good with the family, my 60 year old mum even prefers to walk him over their boxer as Winston just ignores other dogs whilst the boxer jumps and pulls on the lead.


This is our baby boy, Wrigs, out of Bryna and Percival. Their litter was born December 2, 2010! He is almost 1 yr and 4 mos old and weighs 88 lbs. He is such a beautiful American Bulldog and we couldn't have asked for a better "son" for our little family! He has truly brought so much joy to our life. Ron and Caroline, a BIG thank you for all your hard work in preparing these precious puppies in hopes to one day bless other families!

Merry Christmas Caroline and Ron! Thanks again for my Cornerstone American Bulldog!

Here is " Kasia" ... Mom n Dad is " Percival & Bryna, drove from Delacroix , Louisiana to Texas.. About 9 hours but it was well worth every penny. Wouldn't trade her for nothing in the world. She is the best , besides our late " Meaty" we had. This is one silly girl!

Merry Christmas! Just past her 1 year birthday and we still love every minute with Kali! Thanks you so much!

Our Cornerstone Bulldog, Romo. We are so very lucky to have such a great dog! Thank you!!

Thank you Cornerstone Bulldogs for the best catch dog we have ever owned! Not only is she a great catch dog, she is also very sweet tempered with our children. I could not have asked for a better, well balanced, even tempered & intelligent dog!!! Thank you for your dedication to breeding such great dogs! ~TC

When my son wakes up every morning and comes downstairs, the first thing he does is run around looking for her saying "Wo-wo" (the "L" in Willow is still a bit tough for Rocco lol) we are blown away by how close they have become. She's so gentle and loving with him. Corrado family, New York

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